The King’s Mountain

The King’s Mountain

Melody: Kakui
Lyrics: Unkown
Singing: Unkown

Walking through the debris
your shadow on the broken stones
swaying with the wind
seems to be whining

In the winter without gods
come here only
thousands of lonely wandering souls

Overlooking the river at feet
running thousands of miles
seems remembering like an idiot

forgotten smile faces
and pleasure talkings
in the fragments of memory
like in dream close or far away suddenly

still missing even thousands of years past
Sunlight sprinkles into the heart
wake up her memories
King’s mountain in spring
grass green everywhere in the wonderland
people groups playing without worry
talking and singing
with different languages
smiling without worrying everyday

Love burning in summer like the bright sun
people groups embracing without gap
together with each other everyday
the lost memory coming back
the lost melody in dream ringing again
people groups dancing in autumn
throughout morning to night
tree leaves flying in wonder love days
peoples forgotten suffering and sadness
under the sun
under the sun
oh ~

Moonlight sprinkles into the soul
wake up the sleeping memories
breaking out the shell
it follows moonlight
backing to the parada world
wind don’t dare to block
cloud don’t dare to cover
at the beginning place
it back again
meet their faces at the beginning place
At the beginning when they come from
meet their faces at the looping place
flowers laughing, butterflies flying
where they come from
how ridiculous their life is
how cruel their fate is
oh ~
oh ~

end of lyrics

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