This is my personal music website, please enjoy my artworks.
Origin →: https://www.unkown.org/about-unkown-org/
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Download sample songs part A →: unkown1.pdf
Download sample songs part B →: unkown2.pdf

This is one person’s artworks, all song singing myself and made by myself independently. Most of them are original songs made by my creative works, including English songs and Cantonese songs, there are many more artworks, but due to various reasons, they cannot be shared here temporarily. If you like my artworks, please donate me so that to help others can enjoy the musics with a more faster video bandwidth, and I can use the money to purchase more storage for more songs. In addition, the artworks needs your help to let them working with Apple Podcasts. For further help, might you can help me publish my music in popular channels to let more people know my artworks, because I haven’t any resource to do that, no money and friends in music industry who can help me, thank you.

One thing about my music website is that there’re so many songs that registered users only. Please don’t contact me via owner at unkown.org, it’s an invalid email address, but leave a comment to me and then I can see your message, your message is invisible to public except I let it be, thanks.

Have a good day.